Welcome to Bauer Oaks Estates #3

Welcome to Bauer Oaks Estates #3

Built by Don Schollander, this residential community of high-end homes represents an upscale collection of traditional styles and generous amenities, which come together to create wonderful living environments with spectacular views of the Tualatin Valley and coast range.

This website is built and maintained by the Home Owners Association of “Bauer Oaks Estates #3”, which is a subset of the overall Bauer Oaks Estates. (see section Realtor + Escrow for details on the lots in our HOA)

The board is a group of volunteers, who dedicate some of their time to serve the Bauer Oaks Estates community, by overseeing general maintenance, providing guidance in interpretation of the CC&R’s and Architectural requests, so that we remain to be a homogeneous community, where everyone enjoys to live together.

Of course, we want to hear from you about ideas for our neighborhood.  Anything that makes it better and nicer. All home-owners are invited to share ideas for community initiatives. In case of good initiatives, we may need some of you to take part in a committee.

Our annual meeting is held in February every year.